Ryan Fetterman#


Ryan joined the SURGe team after a decade spent in windowless basements conducting government research and consulting. Ryan holds doctorate and masters engineering degrees from George Washington University, and a cybersecurity undergraduate degree from Penn State University. He sometimes holds controversial opinions, like “you don’t need machine learning for that”.

Talks (Eastern Timezone)#





Threat Hunting in Three Dimensions

Threat hunting often demands capabilities beyond the scope of traditional SIEM platforms. This presentation showcases a threat hunting workflow that leverages Jupyter for rapid, iterative, and visual analysis of complex data. By tapping into humans’ innate understanding of three dimensions, we will demonstrate how to calculate and re-calculate metrics and distances between data points. Specifically, we focus on comparing attributes of Google Chrome Extensions for similarity in Euclidean space, allowing interactive exploration of data and a deeper understanding of relationships between data points. This approach helps uncover instances of masquerading within the extensions.