Fred Baguelin#


Fred is a security researcher at Datadog, focusing on threat research. Fred is a fervent open source advocate and started his career by developing a digital forensics open source framework. He also worked at a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) dealing with threat intelligence and digital forensics and incident response and worked with cloud and container technologies. He is part of Botconf organization committee and contributor of Yeti platform.

Talks (Eastern Timezone)#





Hunting the Yeti on Jupyter: A practical exploration of the YETI platform using notebook for Threat Intelligence

YETI is an open source threat intelligence platform storing data in a graph database. It implements a REST API giving access to all stored data which can then be reused in your hunting notebook to then build nice visualisation graph. This short presentation will demo what’s possible to achieve with Yeti in a notebook and highlight some nice Python libraries to play with graph data.