Christian Camilo Urcuqui Lopez#


Cybersecurity data scientist with over 9 years in the software industry, with several successful end-to-end projects developed for public and private institutions. I’m a Senior Data Scientist, Assessor in Responsible AI, and University Lecturer. My passion is to create solutions to make cyberspace safer using data science; I am the author of the books “Cybersecurity: An Approach Based on Data Science”, “Cybersecurity: Data Holds the Answer”, and “Cybersecurity: Data, the Seeds of Chaos” published by Editorial ICESI, and multiple works in security, healthcare, and artificial intelligence.

Talks (Eastern Timezone)#





Cybersecurity: Data, the Seeds of Chaos

This talk is about our recently published book (the third one) “Cybersecurity: Data, the Seeds of Chaos”. The objective is to present to the audience the five open-source projects that are included in each chapter of the book. Some of the projects that are going to be presented are a chatbot for gathering information from OSINT tools, an example of prompt hacking, and an adversarial machine-learning model for ransomware. All the projects were developed using Python and Jupyter Notebook and can be found in the next URL i2tResearch/Ciberseguridad_web. The book is free and can be found here