Luis F Monge Martinez#


With a diverse background in cybersecurity, Luis currently serves as the Endpoint and Active Directory Security Lead at the European External Action Service. Previously focused on incident response and threat hunting, he found an alternative research approach in data analysis, which led him to dive into the world of Jupyter Notebooks. Keen on photography, open source projects and good food, he never says no to a collaboration proposal.

Talks (Eastern Timezone)#





Cleaning time: A defensive journey through Active Directory with Bloodhound CE, Jupyter and Python

Delve into an investigation of Active Directory missconfigurations utilizing a Jupyter notebook and Python, interfacing with Bloodhound CE APIs. This research addresses the challenges of identifying and prioritizing security risks in AD, shedding light on the historically manual and often impractical nature of these tasks. Learn about the efforts to streamline and automate the process, making domain cleanup more feasible and efficient.